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Speaker: Ashish Kothari

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Founding member of Indian environmental action group Kalpavriksh, Chair of Greenpeace India Board, former or current member Board/Steering Committee of Greenpeace International, IUCN WCPA and CEESP Commissions, and ICCA Consortium; coordinator of global dialogue network on Radical Ecological Democracy; coordinator of Vikalp Sangam (Alternatives Confluence) network in India; active in several peoples' movements, and (co)editor/(co)author of 30 books.

Over nearly four decades I have been working on the troubled links between environment and development, challenging the mainstream model of growth, and working with communities who are trying out decentralised governance, sustainable livelihoods, and other innovative experiments on alternative ways towards well-being. In 2012 a colleague (Aseem Shrivastava) and I wrote a book Churning the Earth: The Making of Global India which interrogated the impacts of economic globalisation and provided indicators of radical alternatives. Since then I've been working on documenting, networking, and advocating for such alternatives, including developing the broad framework of ecoswaraj or radical ecological democracy.