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Speaker: Joachim Spangenberg

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The BUND/FoE Germany Economics and Fiscal Commission has been a driver of the national degrowth discours, and participated in the conferences since Paris. We organised discussions with firms on "Does business need growth?" reported in Leipzig, with trade unionists on "Good work without growth" and most recently worked on sufficiency policy, the anti-thesis to the orientation towards ever "more, faster, further". This approach includes popularising degrowth, and its implications, the opportunities asrising, but also the obstacles will be discussed.

The BUND/FoE Germany Economics and Fiscal Commission has a degrowth jubilee to celebrate this year, albeit a slightly disappointing one:40 years (1976) ago we organised the first major conference criticising economic growth. 20 years ago (1996) we were involved in the study "Sustainable Germany" pledging for being not having, and ten years ago we published our book "Growth, growth, above all" caricaturing the German national anthem.