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Speaker: Lakin Anderson

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Lakin's research focuses on social innovation systems and universities’ role in them, specifically in attempts to address climate change and social-ecological sustainability. He is a 1st year PhD Student at Uppsala University. Most of his own biophysical growth was done in the northern tropical rainforest in Australia.

Lakin was one of the developers of the the Uppsala Collaboratory, a meeting space that works with three themes 1) Opening new channels and collaborations between academia and civil society 2) crossovers of science, art and culture in the shadow of global challenges and transitions, and 3) supporting new pathways for social innovation towards sustainable futures. He worked previously for three years at the Center for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS) at Uppsala University as a course coordinator in the courses The Global Economy: Environment, Development and Globalisation and Sustainable Design: Ecology, Culture and Human Built Worlds.