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Speaker: Adam Marshall

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In 2007, I completed my undergraduate degree in History, Politics and International Relations at Nottingham Trent University. The subsequent economic crisis piqued my interest in ‘the economy’ and its social/ecological impacts; an interest I pursued further by completing an MSc in Sustainability and ecological economics at Leeds University (UK). My MSc dissertation examined the relationship between the Bristol Pound (a convertible local currency) and economic localisation. On completing this course, I (with the help of my supervisor Dan O'Neill) set about turning my dissertation into a journal article. The article “The Bristol Pound: A Tool for Localisation?” was recently published in Ecological Economics.
I am currently undertaking a PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. My research focuses on environmental conflict at the UK's shale gas frontier and seeks to bring insights from ecological economics and political ecology to Place Marketing/Branding debates; particularly those on sustainability. The research also hopes to bring a ‘place’ perspective to degrowth debates.