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Speaker: Hanna Mroczka

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I am the first year Master Student in Sustainable Development Programme at Uppsala University in Sweden. I have been interested in exploring alternatives to the current political and economic system by exploring grassroots movements. I am engaged in a few organisations at Uppsala University, as an active member of Climate Justice Platform, participant of the Rethinking Economics Uppsala group and I am also responsible for running the student magazine on sustainability, the Flood.

I have been interested in the feminist movement in Poland that have been organised with a particular intensity and gained a new dimension in the midst of the govermental elections and the victory of the right-wing party, Peace and Justice. I have noticed that the feminist movement, focused before on small scale actions, became the strongest political opposition to the unlawfulness of the ruling party, protesting not only against the wrong-doings of the current government but also exposing all the harm the current political and economic system is doing to the people. After I have read the "Degrowth: A vocabulary for new era" (2015), I realised that degrowth was lacking what feminism achieved: taking a step into the political sphere in order to end the structural violence that there is at the macro level. Hopefully, I will be able to present what the degrowthers could learn from the feminists!