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Speaker: Cristina Gallizioli


Architect MArch, founding partner of "Spaces like Actions" and Studio Aidel. Born in Italy in 1991, after research studies about housing and landscape in Norway and Chile she took a Master in Architecture at Ferrara University. She has been Junior Architect at CF Møller, Copenhagen, 2016 and Artist in residence in the UNESCO center Oficinas do Convento, Portugal, 2017. She periodically publishes articles for the art magazine Artwort since 2015.

Interested in cultures and geographies, she matched her passion for traveling with the curiosity for architecture and ways of living. Back since her adolescence, she experienced various dwelling situations from different parts of the world, which made her question about the concept of comfort and wealth which is nowadays imposing. From these ideas arose Aidel Studio, an office for handmade architecture, which aims to de-technologize living spaces for rediscovering simple life and feel the presence of landscape and of the self. Spaces like Actions is a research project supporting and inspiring the design practice, born in 2017 together with MArch Maria Giulia Milani and MArch Marco Ferrari, with the first research on field in Asia between Fall/Winter 2017-2018.