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Speaker: Patricia Velicu

Velicu patricia

I am currently pursuing my graduate studies in International Relations at the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary. Through my studies I became very interested in degrowth. I am currently writing my master thesis on this theme, in addition to having previously engaged with it, for example in the Student Conference organised by CEU's Department of Environmental Studies in December 2017. Furthermore, I am currently working on a podcast which engages with a degrowth perspective on development, and which will be published, and on the organisation of a round table discussion on the same theme, that is open to the wide public.
Before studying at CEU, I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Studies from the Viadrina European University in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. Originally, I come from Romania.
I am a very dynamic, enthusiastic and tolerant person. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing with others different perspectives on diverse topics in engaging discussions.