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Speaker: Jan Bla┼żek

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I am a PhD student at the Department of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk university Brno, Czech Republic. In my research I focus on economy of eco-communities and the nexus between financial and socio-environmental sustainability.

I focus on various aspects and concepts related to community economy. These are eco-social enterprises, sharing economy, the commons, non-market economy, alternative financial mechanisms, alternative currencies, among others. In my dissertation project I look at how these are formed in various types of residential eco-communities.
I also look at how the need for financial sustainability in eco-communities influence their socio-environmental goals and strategies, and vice versa.
I am currently in the final stage of the PhD research, which has been conducted in 6 key regions: Austria, Catalonia, Denmark, Germany, Portugal and Wales. My next steps head east, in order to reflect on the manifestation of postcapitalist economy (again using the example of eco-communities) in Central and Eastern European regions with relatively short experience with global capitalism.