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Speaker: Sarah Bodelsson

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Sarah Bodelsson is a master student at the MSc program Social Studies of Gender at Lund University. She has conducted an internship within the research project Spaces of resistance at Gothenburg University, during which she conducted an individual project exploring storytelling as a collective resistance practice. Her gender research interests include feminist social movements' and groups' resistance strategies and mobilization, with a focus on the reproductive rights movement in Ireland. Her most recent research project explores storytelling as a resistance strategy within the so-called Repeal movement in Ireland.

Sarah Bodelsson has a background in Human Geography, which she studied in Sheffield (England) and Stockholm (Sweden). Outside her undergraduate and master studies, she has been actively involved with various NGOs and groups in England, Sweden and India, working for social justice and equality. In Chennai, in India, Sarah did an internship within the organisation Women's Collective working for the rights of Women Dalith farmers. As a member of the board of the organisation Swallows India Bangladesh (Svalorna Indien Bangladesh), she continues collaborating with Women's Collective and the Swallows' other partner organisations in India and Bangladesh. Currently, Sarah is planing a project with an international collective of artists called Fearless Collective based in Bangalore in India, which will hopefully emanate in 10 days of workshops and activist art in Malmö in June. The project centers on activism through art, workshops, mural painting and storytelling.