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Speaker: Nikos Pasamitros


Nikos Pasamitros is currently a PhD candidate at the Panteion University, Athens and the academic director of Inter Alia NGO. He has studied Political Science at Panteion University and International Conflict Analysis athe University of Kent in Brussels. His research interests focus on stereotypes and perceptions in international politics, identities and "othering" as well as on unofficial diplomatic tracks

Nikos, is pursuing a PhD in International Relations at the Panteion University of Athens and is a member of the Inter Alia NGO ( founding team. He holds an MA in International Conflict Analysis and an undergraduate degree in Political Science & History. He has worked as a scientific associate and an external researcher in a number of posts always keeping his optimism and enthusiasm for a more peaceful world. His research focuses on international and intra-national conflict analysis. Through his research he pursues knowledge of stereotypes effects on international politics, identities and group behaviours and citizens' capacity to influence coflict transformation. Through Inter Alia, Nikos aims at facilitating those interested in sustainable peace and conflict analysis and at offering proficiency on relevant issues.