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Speaker: Kristina Utz

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I studied, experimented and worked with psychology, degrowth, post-colonialism, anarchism and other approaches that put emphasis on a good life for all. I am both a degrowth trainer and activist within a Berlin-based collective as well as a psychotherapist working with clinical patients.

Getting in touch with the sandinist ideas in Nicaragua inspired me to become active for a solidary, self-determined society. By learning about our planets' situation and our imperial ways of living in the west, ecological sustainability became just as important. Throughout the years, I have been learning and working in different contexts and groups with the focus on political education where I combine critical theory with self-reflective elements. I have organized, given and enjoyed workshops on growth-critical approaches and am part of the FairBindung collective in Berlin. We try to spread degrowth, develop educational materials and exhibitions and give seminars and trainings around the topic. We also import and trade coffee from Guatemala on a solidarity basis.
In my second life, I am a psychologist undergoing training to become a psychodynamic therapist and have been working with clinical patients from diverse parts of the world. Thus, I am especially interested in processes of awareness starting with a reflection of one's own positioning in power relations to try to get closer to the question of how capitalism sneaks into our minds and souls. My work is inspired by psychological, sociological, anarchist and post-colonial ideas.