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Speaker: Christian Dorninger

Dorninger christian

I have an academic background in social ecology. Right now I am working at Leuphana University L√ľneburg, Germany, as a research associate. I am especially interested in distributions of environmental goods and burdens and the role of degrowth.

I am originally from Vienna were I studied Sociology, Development Studies, and Human Ecology. I attended many international meetings of the degrowth community, like the summer school in Barcelona and Cerbere, or conferences. I was also a guest researcher at the Human Ecology Division of Lund University where I got inspired about ecologically unequal exchange and degrowth. Since two years ago I am now working in a inter- and transdisciplinary project at the Leuphana University in L√ľneburg, Germany. We are researching which levers can help to achieve a sustainability transformation. Our framework, called leverage points, was developed by Donella Meadows who gave alternatives to growth very early as a counter-intuitive but potentially very effective leverage point to transform a system. In general, I am very much interested in applying new methods and data to big questions like the one about how transformation can happen.