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Schedule for day 4 – 2018-08-24

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Growth and Degrowth in the Transition to a Bio-Based Economy
A guided meditation around food
Higher taxes may enhance the satisfaction of life while slowing down the economy
Commons and cultural change
The struggle of and possibilities for trade unions in the UK to respond to the need for long term socio-ecological development
Degrowth as a response to Global Challenges
What is the rythmic behind socio-ecological transitions, conviviality, circular loops ?
Thoughts and examples on possible architectures for a sustainable transition.
The Tanaloa Dialogue and Climate Justice for a New Sustainable Development
The role of Universal Basic Income in nurturing an economy centred on social and ecological care.
The potential of local waste prevention initiatives as a gateway to a degrowth society
Strengthening labour and taxing the environment as a path to a degrowth society
Getting degrowth onto the mainstream political agenda




We do not act as we would like to
A little self-exploration on our inner contradictions on the way to a degrowth society
Weaving new Social Fabrics for Societies Beyond Growth
Ignoring, Transforming or Overcoming Modern Government?
German Degrowth Debates from a Postcolonial Feminist Stance
Action research with young German adults returning from volunteering in Africa and Latin America
A Case-Study of Feminist Practices, Doulas and Social Return on Investment
The scaling ambitions of environmental social enterprises in the UK
A critical discussion of the theoretical foundation of a fraternity-based democracy
Not one strategy: sustainable consumption policy must respond to different motivations
Future and past generations, non-humans and spiritual beings
The denial of land rights in the name of conservation policies
A path between ecology and degrowth


Creative writing workshop
by Jack Jones and Johanne Aarup Hansen
The shadow society, the seedlings of change and societal phase shift
Appropriation of resources and labor through trade
The Status and Prospects of Community-Led Initiatives in Europe
Towards a vision and concept of “prosperity” which is both “degrowth” and attractive for larger parts of the “average” population