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Schedule for day 3 – 2018-08-23

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Urban planning, governance, housing and infrastructure from perspective of degrowth.
Perspectives and Climate Change, Justice and Social Nature
Group open assembly - organising the Degrowth movement, coordinated by the support group for International Conferences
The Double-edged Sword of the Growth Narrative




An Ecosystemic Approach to the Problems of our Time
Rethinking socioeconomic alternatives in the Global North
Consumption as the linchpin connecting wellbeing, equity and environmental limits
A case-study on the culture of beach grabbing in Mauritius
A case study of illness and de-bility in Sweden
Towards convivial software commons
A prerequisite for sustainability
The anarcho-syndicalist organization of urban agriculture in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)


Linking local action and global analysis
Broadening the notion of value and flow through new decentralized technologies and organising
Rethinking socioeconomic alternatives in the Global North


A new look at the process of ‘realising’ the Yasuní-ITT initiative through the lens of STS.


Rethinking socioeconomic alternatives in the Global North