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Plenary Session: Opening plenary: Sweden in turbulent times

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Speakers: Ellie Cijvat, Shora Esmailian, Daniel Sestrajcic
In this opening plenary, we set the theme of the conference, 'Dialogues in turbulent times', in the Swedish context. Even in Degrowth and other critical circles, Sweden is often imagined and somewhat romanticised as, for example, a stable and peaceful country with low levels of inequality, a generous welfare system, good working and living conditions for all, progressive environmental and migration policies. Problems, even if they exist, are seen not as substantial and growth-centrism not as ruthless as in many other places across the world. The speakers at this plenary, all very familiar with the local context, will problematise (or substantiate?) these images, as well as discuss how the turbulences of our times echo here in Sweden. To challenge another myth about Sweden – that it’s cold and closed – the opening plenary will be followed by a convivial gathering with music and food.
Chair: Ekaterina Chertkovskaya


Day: 2018-08-21
Start time: 18:30
Duration: 01:00
Room: Folkets Park
Track: - Other - (fill submission note below)



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