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Activist Session: European Commons Assembly

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"Welcome to this Assembly of the Commons! for envisioning of commons and commoning for Degrowth. We invite activists, artists and researchers to join in rounds of discussions.
How are the commons and the practice of commoning perceived in different contexts? How are we creating space for commoning in our municipalities? How can Degrowth-partnerships between the state and the self-organized develop?
Which transition technologies and forms of democratic governance contribute to promote human / nature synergies? How do permaculture communities and the open-source movement exemplify as such?
How are our local/(inter)national initiatives for financing the commons and commoning faring? How can currency as a commons strengthen us by engagement?
What European Commons Assembly process?
Co-organizers : E. Duran - FairCoop; F. Weihe - Tamera; A Pantazis -P2P Lab; A. M. Esteves, CEI-IUL, Portugal; R Wekken -; A Telli- Uni-Siegen; M Laamanen - R H Uni-London."


Day: 2018-08-24
Start time: 16:00
Duration: 02:00
Room: Moriskan (Spegeln)
Track: - Other - (fill submission note below)



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