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Artistic Session: Assembling a MU$€UM' of CAPITALI$M''

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"Capitalism, as any other system, is an intricate web of relations, objects and histories. Understanding and critiquing this web is an important task of the degrowth movement.

We invite you to contribute to this task through assembling a MU$€UM' of CAPITALI$M''.

This museum will tell the story of capitalism playfully and creatively using everyday objects. We want to build this museum in a collaborative way. We will provide some objects, or you can bring your own. During the assembly session we will go through these objects - reflecting on what stories about capitalism they can tell & construct a Museum that aims to explore the foundations, flows, contradictions & alternatives of capitalism.

The assembled museum will be exhibited for the rest of the conference for everyone to visit and contribute to."


Day: 2018-08-22
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 01:30
Room: Outside
Track: - Other - (fill submission note below)



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