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Academic Special Session: Degrowth – author meets the (friendly) critics

Highlights of degrowth research

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In this session Giorgos Kallis will discuss his forthcoming book on Degrowth, planned to be published by Agenda Publishing in the Summer of 2018 (

The book is included in a book series titled 'The economy: Key ideas'. It aims to present degrowth in a brief and concise form (60,000 words) to an audience of economists, especially young economists, as the book is intended for graduate school curricula. The book gives a brief overview of what the degrowth literature has to offer on how we understand the economy. From a degrowth perspective, the author argues, the economy is seen as an invention, that is material, political and diverse. He discusses exploitation and theories of value and how these relate to the capitalist economy. These concepts are then used to revisit the history of economic growth (the concept and the process), and the debate on limits to growth. He gives data to make the case for degrowth, discuss the politics of a degrowth transformation, and close the book with a review of the core debates, controversies, and future areas for degrowth research.

During this session, the book will be presented by Giorgos, followed by comments from Lynne Segal, Alf Hornborg and Jason Hickel (tbc) and a general discussion.