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Individual Paper: Sharing practices: a contrast between Circular Economy and Degrowth

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Sharing is the practice involving using, occupying or enjoying something with others, a practice that anthropologist agree is ancient (Lamberton 2016). Today, the Sharing Economy (SE) is playing a central role in recent alternative economic discourses, such as the Circular Economy (Ellen MacArthur Foundation 2013). In the CE, ‘sharing’ represents different things: such as business action (Ellen MacArthur Foundation 2013), a key element for successful business models (Bocken et al. 2016), a design consideration for products (ibid.), an integral part of product-service systems (Tukker 2015) and overall a practice that consumers are expected to be involved in and accept (Hobson and Lynch 2016).
However, alternative socio-economic paradigms, with radically different ideologies than CE, such as Degrowth, also include ‘sharing’ in their pallet of tools and goals (Sekulova et al. 2013). Within the Degrowth sphere, SE can be seen in the goal of ‘sharing’ limited materials and resources amongst the world population (Capellán-Pérez et al. 2015), as a policy (Kallis, Kerschner, and Martinez-Alier 2012) or as a community-based activity such as co-housing, shared urban gardens or cooperatives among others (Kallis, Demaria, and D’Alisa 2015).
The goal of this research is to explore the different meanings of ‘sharing’ under the CE and Degrowth, and to investigate in the aspect of value-creation in sharing practices. Based on a systematic literature review, the authors collected the most relevant literature in regards to SE and its relation to CE and Degrowth. 68 articles related to CE and 40 articles and books, related to degrowth were defined as the corpus of the investigation and after utilizing a series of filters and establishing categories and themes from the gathered data, a qualitative content analysis was conducted in order to answer the following research question: What is considered as ‘sharing’ under CE and Degrowth? Particularly focusing on the sub-questions: What type of value is created through the sharing practices? And which actors benefit from it?


Day: 2018-08-24
Start time: 14:30
Duration: 00:15
Room: Nöjesteatern (Piano bar)
Track: Organisational and Organising Practices



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