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Individual Paper: Cultural Repertoires of Politicizing '(Degrowth) Alternative Building’

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Cultural Repertoires of Politicizing '(Degrowth) Alternative Building’

Politicizing sustainabiltiy and the socio-ecological transformation (Asara et al. 2015) is a key concern for Degrowth. To locate our visions in social and political fields of conflict and power, to
(re-)open debates about how we want to live (good) and to articulate our positions in and through collective actions appear as crucial to achieve a truly sustainable change of society and ways of living. This paper outlines some of the most important cultural tools of politication that are being used in the building of 'Alternatives to Modernity (Escobar 2012).
A 'cultural’ approach to politication (Alvarez et al, 1998) refers to the makings and performances of counter-hegenomial meanings, concepts and collective actions through symbolic, discursive, theatrical and other means of signifiaction. They constitute a 'repertoire' of politication and a counter-power including means such as pre-figuration, storytelling, ethical imagination, political ontologies, public performances and, last but not least, activist research itself).
Empirically - employing a political social- and cultural anthropology - I explore the politication repertoire of and for practices of 'Alternative Building', because the political means of oppositional activism or 'protest' are quite well known already. In particular, the paper will focus on Community Gardening, Co-Housing- and Eco-Communities, on the ClimaCamp in the Rhineland (as a Degrowth space of learning and living together) and Activist Research itself. Put into practice the emerging 'repertoire of politication’ - though by no means exhaustive - can contribute to strengthen and empower Degrowth politics 'on the ground'.

Asara, Viviana, et al. 2015. Socially Sustainable Degrowth as a SocioEcological Transformation. Repoliticizing Sustainability. Sustainability Science, Online in July 2015.
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Day: 2018-08-22
Start time: 14:30
Duration: 00:15
Room: Nöjesteatern (Piano bar)
Track: Politics of Degrowth



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