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Individual Paper: Decolonizers of the imaginary

Future and past generations, non-humans and spiritual beings

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Decolonizing the imaginary is one of the hardest and most important challenges the degrowth movement faces. How are we to achieve this, captured as we are in capitalist social imaginaries that limit our radical imaginary, our ‘capacity to see in a thing what it is not, to see it other than it is’ (Castoriadis 1987)? In this paper, we briefly reflect on Castoriadis’ ideas on the imaginary (1987) and Fukao’s ‘decolonization of the soul’ (2012). On this basis, we propose to recognize our limits and humbly seek help from what we call ‘decolonizers of the imaginary’. Drawing upon a wide variety of examples around the world, we introduce four types of decolonizers and how they might help us decolonize our imaginaries: 1) Future generations, from the Haudenosaunee’s unborn of the future nation to science fiction, 2) past generations, from the Loma ‘ancestral habitus’ (Fraser et al. 2015) to traditional ecological knowledges and narratives, 3) non-humans (including animals, plants, rivers, mountains etc.), from more-than-human geography to multispecies planning and non-human rights, and 4) spiritual beings and concepts, from Buddhist interdependence of life to Maori kaitiaki (guardians). Finally, we briefly outline some ways we could invite these decolonizers of the imaginary into our lives, politics and planning.


Day: 2018-08-24
Start time: 14:30
Duration: 00:15
Room: ABF (209)
Track: Custom (describe on the submission note)



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