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Participatory Session: Values and considerations in technology use for degrowth

Broadening the notion of value and flow through new decentralized technologies and organising

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From the vantage point of Local Food Nodes we feel that we are at the intersection of where many of the thematic axis meet. We could perhaps host a session on what is needed in order to collaborate openly, all of us, using technology. In our work we are simultainously approaching the issues of platform coop governance, collaborative decisionmaking, co-budgeting, food production and logistics, decentralized IT infrastructure, local money systems, value-flow monitoring, transparent finance and culture change.

As an organisation we could host a panel on the needs and value judgements we need to make explicit if we are going to use the emerging digital technologies (cryptography, machine learning, internet-of-things, etc.) in order to support a transition towards a regenerative economy. We can ask ourselves questions such as:

How do we avoid the extractive processes that are prevalent when we connect ourselves as people, places and ecologies by digital means?

How do we revoke the access of our minds and experience from the command and control protocols of digital capitalism while using digital tools for radical re-organization?

How do we avoid flattening the multi-faceted and diverse information flows in nature down to the single dimension of financial transactions?

How do we create value-flow metrics and economics that are not captured by infinite growth debt based extractive economics?

Is degrowth a concept that can be used to help redesign currency (current-see) from transactional to relational?


Day: 2018-08-23
Start time: 16:00
Duration: 01:30
Room: ABF205
Track: Degrowth: Culture, Power and Change



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