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Participatory Session: Sufficiency - Good life through liberation from abundance?

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Liberation from abundance – this might be the best way to describe what the term „sufficiency“ is about. The idea of clearing out seems to appeal to a growing number of people: They give away redundant things, try to decelerate through „slow food“ and meditation or make efforts to achieve a good work-life-balance. But more than the individual dimension, sufficiency adresses and challenges social and political structures: It is the attempt to enable a good life for everybody without exceeding the ecological limits of the planet. But is „slower“ and „less“ really the right way to a sustainable economy and lifestyle?
In this workshop we want to explore the concept of sufficiency and the problems this strategy wants to solve. Also we will discuss how political, social and individual sufficient acting could look like and what chances sufficiency instruments have to be implemented.

This workshops contributes to the topic of the conference by introducing and analysing politics of degrowth (sufficiency is strongly linked to the idea of a degrowth society). The workshop makes use of interactive methods like small-group work, „speed dating“ (an exercise which encourages the dialogue between two participants) and group discussion. It also includes a short theoretical input with a power-point-presentation in order to allow all, who are interested to participate, the same starting position. The reflection of possible options for action plays a crucial role and might help to motivate and inspire the participants to actively contribute to a degrowth society.
The workshop is designed for up to 30 participants.


Day: 2018-08-23
Start time: 16:00
Duration: 02:00
Room: ABF (210)
Track: Politics of Degrowth



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