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Participatory Session: Sustainabilty Psychology

We do not act as we would like to

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Brief description: This workshop deals with the question of why we do not act as environmentally friendly as we would like to and provides an overview of different explanatory approaches to pro-environmental behaviour (PEB) from the perspective of the psychology of sustainability. One model is described in detail, and finally, the workshop outlines ways to act as environmentally friendly as we would like to.

Detailled description:
Why do I enjoy eating burgers even though I am aware of the strong impact of meat production on global warming? Why do I travel by plane on holidays even though I want to protect the environment? Why do around 1.5 billion people worldwide buy a new smartphone every year even though they are against child labour (statista, 2017)?

The workshop invites the participants to think about hir own contradictory behaviour concerning sustainability. Cognitive dissonance – the result of contradictory behaviour or attitudes – is explained, and common ways of dealing with it are described. Afterwards, attitude-behaviour inconsistency concerning PEB is considered. The workshop provides an overview of how psychologists explain environmentally relevant behaviour. Several explanatory models are briefly described, and one model based on a combination of two former models (Matthies 2005; Hamann et al. 2016) is analysed in detail. Some of the factors contributing to our PEB are revealed, e.g. the personal ecological norm, social norms, intentions, and habits. The workshop closes with thoughts on how people can behave in an environmentally friendlier manner and how PEB can be promoted .
I am proposing this workshop at the Degrowth Conference because I think that we should understand our own behaviour and inconsistencies. This might reduce unease concering one's own behaviour and help making activism as well as other invitations to change more efficient.


Day: 2018-08-24
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 01:30
Room: ABF205
Track: Custom (describe on the submission note)



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