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Individual Paper: Degrowth mechanism: an alternative approach to sustainable development in globalized era

Ecological sustainability

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Globalization is a natural outcome of the sustained technology and economic growth, which originated with the Industrial Revolution in Britain during the 18th century. Globalization is guided by capitalization. Capitalization always exploring more benefits and prefers to maximize profit rather than nature, environment and our future generation. Under this provision, natural resources depleting economic activities increased day by day. For example, capitalization lead developed countries emit more GHGs and polluted our environments that are threatened for our future generation or grandsons. In addition, peoples’ ignorance of the non-disconnectable relationship between humans and nature is another cause behind the depletion of nature. Thus, it is the time to rethink about the existing development approaches and examine the effectiveness of alternative approaches related to all sorts of development activities and human well-being. Degrowth mechanism plays an important role to accelerate this situation. Degrowth mechanism shows the ways forward in resilient, nature and ecology centric development. It is guided by the spiritual thinking and simple living. Simple living and realistic thinking teach humankind that everything on earth, including the finite and diminishing natural resources. This means that over exploitation, misuse and abuse of precious natural resources like forest, ocean, air, hydrology or land may have a devastating impacts on earth resulting in such consequences as climate change, social unrest, insecurity and poverty. Modesty, kindness, togetherness, simple and natural lifestyle, eco-cultural diversity and 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) approach are the main building blocks of degrowth. Relate this issue to sustainable development, this study sets its central research questions:what are the main themes and massage of different religions and traditional indigenous songs and how do they relate to degrowth mechanism. To answer this unexplored research question, this study depends upon In-depth Interview of religious leader, focused group discussion (FGD), key informant interview, religious books, other relevant documents and observations. Provision of wise use of resources, co-existence of flora and fauna with harmonious relationship and optimum exploitation, extraction and consumption of finite natural resources can uplift the environmental condition and hence to develop the living conditions for all and human well-being. This study argues that sustainability as a dynamic entity generated by the synergies between stewardship attitude to social growth and managing ecological footprint. The finding of the study ensures the sustainable development and provide a robust basis for planners, policy makers, researchers, government and development partners for development of specific policies, further research and project to lessen the vulnerability to climate change and promote sustainable planet for our future generation.


Day: 2018-08-24
Start time: 11:00
Duration: 00:15
Room: ABF (209)
Track: Art for Degrowth




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