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Participatory Session: Rethinking organisations and markets in post-growth contexts: ecopreneurship, social enterprise and organising for solidarity degrowth economies

Social-ecological entrepreneurship and degrowth - Discussing opportunities and challenges

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Overall Proposal:
Degrowth requires a rethinking of entrepreneurship and the organisation and governance of economic actors and their trading activities. A variety of potential models of entrepreneurship are emerging, such as ecopreneurship, social entrepreneurship and cooperatives. How do these different models compare? Many examples are emerging in the field of food and agriculture – what is the potential for other sectors? Beyond the individual organisation, however, there are also emerging a variety of alternative means for organising and coordinating economic activities – in other words, alternative markets. This proposal, through one Participatory Session and one Special Session, will explore these themes with a highly practical focus upon the contribution to degrowth of a variety of forms of entrepreneurship, business models and alternative markets.

For this Participatory Session:
The session will including 2-3 entrepreneurs and 1 representative from entrepreneurship support structures (e.g., Coompanion, Centrum för Publikt Entreprenörskap etc.), as well as the other participants of the Overall Proposal.

The combined ecological, social and economic challenges indicate a need for creative and driven entrepreneurial agency that can devise and pursue alternative futures. Entrepreneurship is a broad phenomenon that describes both mundane and change-making activities in different sectors of the society – from business sector to civic and public sectors to diverse spaces in-between. Nevertheless, entrepreneurship is still strongly rooted in the image of limitless growth and opportunities on the global market. This session invites researchers and entrepreneurs to discuss what constitutes entrepreneurial action in the context of degrowth, and what opportunities and challenges are found in the existing support structures and the society at large for such entrepreneurship.


Day: 2018-08-23
Start time: 11:00
Duration: 01:30
Room: ABF (203)
Track: Organisational and Organising Practices



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