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Academic Special Session: Rethinking organisations and markets in post-growth contexts: ecopreneurship, social enterprise and organising for solidarity degrowth economies

Organising for post-growth economies

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Overall Proposal
Degrowth requires a rethinking of entrepreneurship and the organisation and governance of economic actors and their trading activities. A variety of potential models of entrepreneurship are emerging, such as ecopreneurship, social entrepreneurship and cooperatives. How do these different models compare? Many examples are emerging in the field of food and agriculture – what is the potential for other sectors? Beyond the individual organisation, however, there are also emerging a variety of alternative means for organising and coordinating economic activities – in other words, alternative markets. This proposal, through one Participatory Session and one Special Session, will explore these themes with a highly practical focus upon the contribution to degrowth of a variety of forms of entrepreneurship, business models and alternative markets.

This Special Session has four papers as shown in the next sections.