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Participatory Session: A Political Degrowth Strategy Framework

How to Bring Degrowth into the Political Mainstream?

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Title: How do we advocate for degrowth? - A participatory workshop to reflect different strategies of the degrowth movement.

Abstract: This participatory session aims at creating space for
reflection, exchange and joint analysis of common strategies within
the Degrowth movement. The identified strategies we want to work with
are (1) activism and protest, (2) building real utopias, (3)
implementing policies (Realpolitik, sufficiency policies), (4)
research, (5) building networks and (6) education and dissemination of
knowledge. Within the workshop, a facilitation method is used to bring
participants together along these strategies, to discuss goals and
target groups, conceptions and assumptions how change works and gaps
that need to be filled within or between the different strategies. The
workshop draws from the diversity of approaches within the DG movement
and wants to enable a deeper understanding of actors and strategies.
Thereby, we hope to enable participants to reflect on their personal
findings and experiences during the degrowth conference, get to know
likeminded people, support a sustainable and reflexive form of
activism and give room to reflect on the next steps of advocating for


Day: 2018-08-24
Start time: 16:00
Duration: 02:00
Room: Moriskan (Bistron)
Track: Politics of Degrowth



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