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Participatory Session: Mindful Menu

A guided meditation around food

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Mindful Menu - a guided meditation around food (20 to 30 mins)
The session focus on a conscious and intensive experience of food. A meditative setting grounds participants in the present moment and let them explore the different stories coming with food. Via creating a higher awareness for foodstuff and the processes of planting, harvesting and processing attendees in this session will be triggered to re-evaluate their everyday practices around food. Creating an understanding for food, but also for other humans involved in the processes of food production, aims to tackle the alienation between human beings and their food in present society. The experience of food through one´s senses, let the participants create a closer connection to the essence of human existence, remembering food playing an essential role in human`s life. Additionally a new acknowledgment of quality is created and invites participants to consider what it means to enjoy good and real food.
The goal of this session is to use a different form of engagement, here meditation, in connection to everyday practices like eating to create an awareness for the malpractices around food production and consumption. The food system destroys the environment, contributing to 20-30% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, land use change, biodiversity loss and water pollution (Garnett, 2014). It is also an unjust system, with enough food produced for the entire population, but distributed and handled in a way, leaving about half of the global population inadequately nourished (ibid.). Mindfulness as a practice to disrupt routines, enhance awareness of daily experiences, create non-material values and pro-social behaviour is an emerging method to contribute to more sustainable consumption and behaviour (Fischer et al., 2017). By creating a meaningful connection to the processes around food and foodstuff itself the individual´s responsibility will be highlighted aiming to for a more sustainable consumption.

Fischer, D. et al. (2017). Mindfulness and sustainable consumption: A systematic literature review of research approaches and findings. Journal of Cleaner Production 162 (2017) 544 e 558.
Garnett, T. (2014). What is a sustainable healthy diet? A discussion paper. Oxford, Food Climate Research Network (FCRN).


Day: 2018-08-24
Start time: 11:00
Duration: 01:30
Room: ABF (203)
Track: Subjectivities, Values, Ideas and Satisfactions



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