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Individual Paper: Towards Degrowth-oriented Public Action Frameworks

Articulating Commons and Solidarity Economy

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How could a convergence between the Commons and Solidarity Economy movements promote forms of public action based on degrowth? This paper argues that such outcome is possible if the theoretical and strategic frames articulating the two movements combine:

a) A political economy based on the development of linkages between “conceptual spaces” in the public, private and third sector, as well as self-organizing practices at the grassroots level, which promote “public spaces of proximity” in which deliberation and organizational action is oriented towards the expansion of social and economic rights;
b) A political ecology which bases the “foundational economy” (infrastructures that sustain everyday life - food, energy, health, education, housing, transport, finance) of urban and rural settlements on the promotion of sustainable synergies between humans and the natural world.

This paper drafts a conceptual framework for research on configurations of degrowth-oriented public action frameworks which combine the alternative political economy and political ecology principles specified above. This framework is based on the critical analysis of three case studies of commons-based “alternative economies” built upon different approaches to a Solidarity Economy-based praxis:

1)Tamera – Healing Biotope I (Portugal) - an ecovillage based on the application of regenerative ecology and community-building to the management of natural commons and the development of a “foundational economy”;

2) Esperança-Cooesperanca (Brazil) – A Solidarity Economy-based commercialization network which uses urban commons as market spaces, with the purpose of developing regional-level supply chains which connect consumers to small farmers whose livelihoods are threatened by tobacco and soy multinationals, as well as by globalized agricultural supply chains;

3) Cooperativa Integral Catalana (Catalonia) – An “Open Global Cooperative” which combines regional and national-level social currencies, as well as cryptocurrencies, with the purpose of co-constructing a Solidarity Economy beyond the reach of the state and financial capitalism.


Day: 2018-08-24
Start time: 14:30
Duration: 00:15
Room: ABF (Stora Salen)
Track: The Pluriverse: Articulating alternatives to development



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