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Academic Special Session: Barriers and potentials of contemporary democracies for degrowth societies

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There is agreement in the degrowth debate that radical political, economic and cultural transformations are necessary to deal with the global social-ecological crisis. Apart from this general direction, the path leading to this direction is often fuzzy and difficult to grasp. The session deals with the role of democracy – both as a principle and a process – in this transition period. The contributions reflect on the barriers and potentials of contemporary democracies for degrowth and link them to the challenges posed by the ecological crisis. Against the background of an authoritarian turn and increasing calls for a rule of experts, the session elaborates on the role of democracy for the degrowth movement. The contributions foster the dialogue between degrowth and critical social theories (especially feminism, historical-materialist theory, postcolonial theory, political ecology) and integrate interdisciplinary sustainability science. Theoretical reflections are combined with empirical case studies.