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Individual Paper: Disruption or Equilibrium?

An Ecosystemic Approach to the Problems of our Time

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Trying to solve isolated problems without addressing the main factors that affect well being and the quality of life, is a conceptual error, problems should be defined and dealt with by public policies, research and teaching programmes in view of an integrated ecosystemic aproach, encompassing all dimensions of being in the world (intimate, interactive, social and biophysical), as they combine to induce the events (deficits/assets), cope with consequences (desired/undesired) and contribute for change (potential outputs). The proposal counteracts public policies segmented programmes, market-place interests, reduced academic formats and mass-media treatment of the problems; instead of an exploratory forecasting (projection into the future of the trends of today), a normative forecasting is posited (previous definition of desirable goals and exploration of new paths to reach them), in view of new paradigms of knowledge, development, wealth, power, growth, work and freedom.