Version 3.2_September 2016

Speaker: Patty L'Abbate

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PhD “ The Economics and Management of Natural Resources ; visiting researcher c/o CML - Faculty of Science - Leiden University, The Netherlands. Advanced Course on Life Cycle Assessment.
Master’ s degree of Sustainable Development and Management of Territory . University of Pisa, with 110/110 cum laude; thesis in Ecological Economics : “The relationship between economy and nature through the lens of accounting in physical terms.”
Bachelor degree of Environmental Economics. University of Bari, Dip. Economy ; thesis in Ecology : Global warming and the crisis of the current economic model: the case CO2
Bachelor degree of Business Administration. University of Bari, Dip. Economy;Thesis in Commodity Teaching assistant : Continuous improvement of sustainable processes, Polytechnic of Bari. Teaching Assistant and Tutor for Economic Policy, University of Bari, Faculty Political Science.

Research interests: Bioeconomy, Ecological Macroeconomics, LCA, Carbon footprint, Water footprint, Renewable Energy, Degrowth.

Member of the Scientific Committee: Italian Movement Happy Degrowth.