Version 3.2_September 2016

Speaker: Hana Hrstkova

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As a life-long advocate of an ecological lifestyle and a proponent of deep rather than a “shallow” anthropocentric and technocratic ecology, I see the need to shift our current ways of thinking to unlearn our unsustainable patterns and to place biological sustainability or, better, “thrive-ability” to the core of our everyday actions as society, businesses and individuals. My attempt is to look at today’s environmental issues through a systemic lens and to strive for long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes. Together with others, I established a network-based think tank, Earth Matters, to assist with systemic approaches to dealing with today’s complex issues and transition to eco-centric societies.

I’m particularly interested in re-thinking our current unsustainable consumption patterns, in creating meaningful and lasting food systems (amongst them focus on agro-ecology and eco-localism) as well as in alternative ways of exchange. I have been inspiring individual change through my personal blog Hana’s green living (since 2010) and recently established to support wholistic eating (organic, zero-waste, low-footprint, nutritional) and living. There, I focus on organising workshops for individuals and companies.

A Czech TV shows my personal strive to live a “zero-waste” or low footprint lifestyle as well as a package-free store that is subject of my presentation.