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Speaker: Tomislav Medak

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Tomislav Medak's interests are in contemporary political philosophy, media theory and aesthetics. Together with his colleagues at the Multimedia Institute/MAMA (Zagreb) he's co-ordinating the theory and publishing program. He is a free software and free culture advocate and the digital librarian for the Public Library project. He’s a supporter of urban activist initiative Right to the City Zagreb. In parallel he's doing artistic work with the Zagreb based theatre collective BADco.

Tomislav Medak is co-ordinating the theory program and publishing activities of Multimedia Institute in Zagreb. He is a free software advocate, project leader of the Croatian Creative Commons team and volunteer for the urban activist initiative Right to the City Zagreb.
He has (co-)organized a number of conferences and exhibitions dealing with political philosophy, commons or cultural policy, most recently the international conference Economy of Crisis Capitalism and Ecology of the Commons, Zagreb (2012). Together with Marcell Mars he has been recently developing a project on the infrastructures of access to knowledge Public Library, and they have previously organized together the exhibition on the history of hacking System.Hack().
In parallel Tomislav is working with the Zagreb-based experimental theatre collective BADco. as a performer, dramaturge and director. Most recently theatre productions A Pound of Histeria, Acceleration... melodrama (2014), The League of Time (2010), 1 poor and one 0 (2008). With the collective he has created an interactive installation work Responsiblity for Things Seen, initially presented at the Croatian exhibition at the Venice Biennale in 2011 and since then in Oslo/Norway, Zagreb, Rijeka/Croatia and Ljubljana/Slovenia.