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Speaker: Susan Paulson

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I’ve enjoyed many years in Latin America, researching and teaching about ways in which gender, class and ethnoracial systems interact with biophysical environments, influencing the development of landscapes and ecosystems (including humans). Questions about how differences and inequalities interact with environmental management and conflicts have increasingly drawn my attention to the role of asymmetrical exchanges operating on global scales and driven by a growth imperative. Studies in anthropology at the University of Chicago prepared me to continue learning and changing in dialogue with collaborators from many countries and disciplines. Books I have written/edited include Masculinities and Femininities in Latin America’s Uneven Development (Routledge 2015), Masculinidades en movimiento, transformación territorial (TESEO 2013), Political Ecology across Spaces, Scales, and Social Groups (Rutgers University Press 2005), Huellas de género en el mar, el parque y el páramo (Abya Yala 2009), and Desigualdad social y degradación ambiental en América Latina (Abya Yala 1998). After living and working for more than 20 years outside my home country of USA, I joined the University of Florida Center for Latin American Studies in 2014.