Version 3.2_September 2016

Speaker: Lanka Horstink

Lanka france closeup

Lanka Horstink is a social ecologist, completing her PhD in sociology on the topic of the democratic quality of food governance while helping run the Portuguese Seed Freedom campaign and active in promoting food sovereignty.

Lanka Horstink is completing her PhD in Sociology on the topic of public participation in food governance. Trained as a social psychologist and subsequently as a project manager, she has extensive experience in group dynamics both in for-profit and not-for-profit settings. After having managed communication and design teams and companies for more than a decade, in 2007 she started working with environmental NGOs, among them Greenpeace International and the Portuguese organisation GAIA, as a (Seed Freedom) campaign manager, adult educator and grassroots organiser. Her main interest is in the social-ecological dynamics of global environmental and food governance, with an emphasis on the path-dependent choices of the dominant political economy and how these 1. are exacerbating social and environmental crises; 2. lack social legitimacy; and 3. have eroded democratic participation.