Version 3.2_September 2016

Speaker: Ulrich Demmer


I am an anthropologist and activist engaged in projects of degrowth and socio-ecological transformation in Europe and in particular in Germany. I do research on that topic, also on the study of 'good life', ethical concepts, micro politics and the dynamic of rhizomic self-organization. I teach at the LMU Munich, and at Leipzig University, both at Depts. of Anthropology, courses such as "The anthropology of the pluriverse (Parts I, II, III)" and "Activist Research/Engaged Anthropology". I am also engaged as an activist, in particular in 'grass-roots degrowth initiatives' in the city of Leipzig and in the organization of the "KlimaCamp & DegrowthSummerSchool" (2017 Rhineland, 2018, 2019 Leipzig-Land)