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Speaker: Lisa L. Gezon

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Lisa L. Gezon has been doing research in Madagascar on issues of human-environmental relationships with a focus on protected area management since 1990 (Gezon, Lisa L. [2006] Global Visions, Local Landscapes: A Political Ecology of Conservation, Conflict, and Control in Northern Madagascar. Lanham, MD: AltaMira Press.), and on drugs and health since 2004. Her book is entitled Drug Effects: Khat in Biocultural and Socioeconomic Perspective (2012, Left Coast Press). She and Susan Paulson have written about political ecology (Paulson, Susan and Lisa L. Gezon 2005. Political Ecology, Across Spaces, Scales and Social Groups (co-authored with Susan Paulson), Rutgers University Press) and have recently turned to thinking about degrowth, with an invited session at the American Anthropological Association meetings in 2015. Gezon is currently a Professor of Anthropology at the University of West Georgia, USA.