Version 3.2_September 2016

Speaker: Edina Vadovics

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Edina is member of the Degrowth Conference scientific committee. She is research director at GreenDependent Institute and president of GreenDependent Association in Hungary, both with the mission to promote and research sustainable lifestyles, with a focus on facilitating dialogue between research and practice. Related to this, Edina was involved in the organization of conferences and workshops on sustainable consumption as well as leading just lifestyles within ecological limits. While Edina’s research focuses on sustainable communities, small footprint lifestyles and behaviour change, she is also involved in on-the-ground action projects and edits GreenDependent’s monthly Small Footprint (Kislabnyom) newsletter. Earlier, she worked as an external expert to the European Environment Agency and UNEP, and contributed to their key publications. Edina is a member of the SCORAI Europe steering committee, and co-organized the SCORAI special sessions at the Degrowth conference in Leipzig and the ‘Beyond Transition?’ workshop in Vienna.
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