Version 3.2_September 2016

Speaker: Sofía Ávila

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I am a Mexican student with a background in social sciences and environmental studies. I have a degree in International Relations (UNAM, Mexico) and a Master’s degree in Ecological Economics (ICTA, Barcelona). During the last years I have studied energy issues from a political ecology perspective, including research on the Yasuní-ITT Initiative in Ecuador and an analysis on wind energy conflicts in Mexico and India. I am currently enrolled in the Environmental Sciences PhD Program at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology in the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Working with an interdisciplinary research group (including the supervision of Joan Martínez-Alier and Gonzalo Gamboa), my PhD project is aimed to analyze the social and biophysical dimensions of large-scale wind and solar energy projects. I am particularly interested on researching climate change and energy transition issues in Mexico and other southern contexts.