Version 3.2_September 2016

Schedule for day 4 – 2016-09-02

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A comparative study between Germany and Hungary
Participatory schemes to enhance cooperation and the enforcement of pro-social norms
Towards a tool-kit of engaged research for the empowerment of degrowth, social movements and alter communities.
concept, historical development and present situation
Visualising Growth and Justice in Environmental Movements


Changes in capitalist institutions for a degrowth economy
Time Poverty and Time Prosperity in the Urban Middle Classes of India
Accelerationism and Degrowth as contradictory soulmates


Discussing degrowth in the context of related social movements and perspectives
Academic special session on food relocalisation, civic food networks, community agriculture, forms of sustainable consumption, struggles for food sovereignty
Conceptualizing solidarity within the framework of social philosophy
Degrowth techniques in the city
Degrowth and productivist optimism in the European semiperiphery
A concrete toehold for a societal transition beyond growth


Children care-sharing in Barcelona, Spain
Evidence, Valuation and Alternative Models for Nonmotorized Transport Liberty
Establishing a dialogue