Version 3.2_September 2016

Schedule for day 3 – 2016-09-01

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The place of traditional knowledge and intangible cultural heritage in planning a sound economics
How practitioners, multipliers and the public perceive the status and perspectives of a new economy
The steps, and process of permaculture design demonstrating with a practical example at the open-air museum of Szenna


Synergies and trade-offs between biodiversity conservation priorities and environmental justice movements
Strategies of non-growing companies to succeed in a growth-driven economy
What's wrong with global trade?
Opportunities for degrowth through reduced artificial cooling
Methological challenges and perspectives
Challenging the myths of decoupling for conservation


(Im)potentialities of actually-existing degrowth infrastructures and practices
Lived alternatives, imaginaries and the question of reform
much more mutual knowledge and support between these two communities are needed
An aesthetic challenge for the planning of cities towards de-growth
Participative scenario building, macroeconomic investigation, and technical prospects for the energy sector, for France


Building momentum for another possible regional economy: opportunities and traps.
Examining a de-growth model for the 22nd century