Version 3.2_September 2016

Schedule for day 2 – 2016-08-31

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“Financial” crisis and material use in the European Union
Exploring demographic determinants and implications for working patterns
Late Neoliberalism, "green growth" and other pitfalls to the Degrowth venture
confronting the biocapitalist food regime
From state-socialist societal nature relations and their neoliberal adaptation
A critical reflection of the degrowth discourse
A Research Agenda for a Paradigm Shift


The reorientation of well-being
A Comparative Study of Different Country Groups and India
a point of departure for a dematerialized narrative


Developmental Ideas and Practices from the European Semi-periphery
An alternative to hegemony or closure, away from indirect or direct barbarity
How the Degrowth Movement Practices Epistemic Work - the Case of CSA
(with a particular focus on countries with large economies and significant geopolitical positions)
The construction of cooperation, preservation, and peace in the next millennium
Changing the supply chain to make it fair, green and within planetary boundaries
Cognitive aspects of the growth debate
Conflicts on bodies, sexuality, reproduction and care in the era of biocapitalism
Thoughts on escaping the instrumentalistic social logic of accumulation and acceleration


Toward a growth-independent transformative management model
From A Democracy in Ruins to An Energy Democracy
Perspectives of degrowth in comparison with Canada.
controversies and agreements between mainstream economics and the degrowth discourse
Degrowth and Social Innovations in East Asia
Looking for institutions increasing the utilization factor