Version 3.2_September 2016

Keynote/Plenary: Alliances between Global North and Global South

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Degrowth proposals are largely debated within and for the Global North. Despite strong dynamics and orientations towards economic growth and Western-style development in certain countries of the Global South, concepts like „buen vivir“, ‘post-growth’, swaraj and radical ecological democracy, and underlying these a wide range of practical approaches have emerged. They are promoted by social movements, critical intellectuals and sometimes even by NGOs, small firms and progressive persons within the state bureaucracy. Possible alliances for degrowth and post-growth between the Global North and South are discussed in this panel.
Through presentations and discussion the panel will also emphasise the conference day’s topics:
-Alternative networks of production and consumption
-Degrowth as a fundamentally social challenge, involving structural changes of social practices, institutions and governance mechanisms and not just ‘fixes’
-New imaginaries and thoroughly different narratives; bringing the old concepts of community, trust, cooperation, solidarity into the new age
-Connections between global or regional transition strategies
-Commoning, self-organizing, social solidarity and participatory principles of managing resources

The logistics of this panel is supported by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Berlin.


Day: 2016-09-01
Start time: 19:00
Duration: 01:30
Room: IV. Eloadoterem