Version 3.2_September 2016

Individual Paper: Postwachstum im Wandel/Degrowth in transformation

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The Master thesis opens perspectives on the status quo and future development of the German degrowth movement. A movement is understood as a network of actors, ideas and occasions that together form and transform it. In order to do so, a qualitative network analysis is carried out within an exploratory and actor-centered research design. Five actors of the movement that played central roles in organising the 4. International Degrowth Conference 2014 in Leipzig are interviewed. The anaysis combines qualitative network analysis with grounded theory methodology. It is divided into four dimensions: the 'structures of the status quo networks' and the 'actors of the movement' as well as the 'discursive context' in which the ideas of the interviewees are placed in; finally, the 'perspectives of change' opened up to four scenarios of a future degrowth movement: 1. Keep going and grow bigger; 2. Degrowth as a perspective on science between academia and praxis; 3. Degrowth as political transformation – both in an institutional and a resistance way; 4. Awareness and self-transformation as basis for social transformation. These scenarios are discussed on the basis of five spectra of change:
- antagonistic – non-antagonistic understandings of change;
- institutional or individual change as the main focus point;
- global or local issues, actors and points of view;
- decentral or central vision of movement and change;
- praxis or theory in focus.
The paper aims at and hopes to open a range of possibilities and room for self-reflection and self-transition of the German degrowth movement.


Day: 2016-09-02
Start time: 11:30
Duration: 00:15
Room: 336
Track: Degrowth and other social movements