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Individual Paper: linking Europe on two wheels

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Linking Europe on two wheels
“The bicycle is a chance for a way of life in which respect for others and joy of living are priorities.
This offers us a great hope: Cycling as a new Humanism!”
This quote from M. Augé synthesizes our approach. We started CicloPoetica in Firenze, Italy, connecting different fields: pedagogy, sport, ecology, sustainability. Our focus is Bike culture, which for us is: education of the person, health, mobility and logistics, trips and tours. We work with children in schools, team training and summer camps, promoting cycling and physical activity. We organize programs and events with adults, and run a delivery business in cargo bikes..
Like others, we are updating lessons from the past, when bikes where used everywhere for daily activities. Our effort is creating a link between education, fun and services, and between subjects with complementary competences. Show to children and adults that bikes are great instruments for a switch towards activities fueled by sustainable energy: for better individual and community living.
Ivan Illich wrote that energy overcoming a metabolic level, becomes toxic, for men and societies.
Car congestion is the epitome of toxic energy. To step towards a new humanism, we need to recover our imagination and creativity. Bike is one's own energy at the best: giving the person total control upon his thoughts and actions. Bike culture slows down tempo, builds friendly communities.
Imagine cyclists of all ages, riding the roads of Europe, like fresh blood into new arteries: a joyful net of activities and relationships. Out of car-oriented imagineries, Bikes can link the creative minds of Europe to new horizons.


Day: 2016-09-01
Start time: 14:30
Duration: 00:15
Room: 338
Track: This is the 22nd century