Version 3.2_September 2016

Individual Paper: Mapping Degrowth

Visualising Growth and Justice in Environmental Movements

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This project will provide an overview of the degrowth movement. I will do this by visualising the degrowth discourse along with other environment discourses on a matrix. I will use surveys and discourse mapping techniques. I will start by constructing a short survey to collect opinions within the degrowth community on discourses in environmental movements. The survey will identify 100 global actors in the environmental movements and opinions regarding each actor’s relative discursive position within a matrix with two axes: 1) growth vs. degrowth and 2) environmental justice vs. ecomodernism / neoliberal environmentalism. I will use a discourse mapping strategy to visualise this information. Mapping discursive positions is a means of understanding similarities and differences between various ways of understanding environmental problems and potential solutions. Images are useful for mapping discourses since they can show fluid relationships in discourses as they relate to each other. Discourse maps can serve as a means to illustrate relationships between actors and potentially to reveal obscured ideological commitments. This knowledge visualisation will illustrate 100 major actors in the environmental movement, their discursive perspectives (as perceived by members of the degrowth network), and how they relate to the de-growth movement. By plotting actors on a discursive framework this map will reveal the extent to which various actors are committed to issues like growth and justice. The discourse map will be accessible and visually appealing to audiences beyond the community of degrowth researchers and activists.