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Individual Paper: Permaculture-one way to a more sustainable agriculture

The steps, and process of permaculture design demonstrating with a practical example at the open-air museum of Szenna

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In the first half of my paper I summarise the theoretical background, the ethical basis, and the structure and steps of permaculture design by synthetising the international literature. In the second half I provide an example of the practical application of design in the case of the open-air museum of Szenna. Permaculture is a conscious, ethical design which seeks to create sustainable lifestyle and human environment. This concept slowly reflects back to a half century, and after developing for decades, nowdays have a stratified meaning, among others a worldwide movement. Although it is less known in Hungary, some people dedicated themselves to it. Besides, the design system has matured as well, and numerous practical application can be found all over the world.
As the term permaculture has come from the fusion of permanent and agriculture, therefore the design is useful in several aspects during designing complex agroecosystems, because by the use of ecological principles it seeks to mimic the natural processes thus to create a sustainable way of farming.
The eco-museum as a methodology means the integration of the museum into the local and wider social context, the permaculture development fits to this integration, as it also focuses on the social side besides sustainable land management.
During my research I tried to harmonise the function of the museum and the permaculture approach based on ethnographic researches and my interviews with local people. By the help of permaculture design tools I created a permaculture system which is the base of the further development.

Key words: permaculture, ethics, principles, design, eco-museum


Day: 2016-09-01
Start time: 11:30
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Room: 391
Track: The un-common sense